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"Helping   Hands   Are   Better
Than   Praying   Lips."

About SARA

SARA Foundation is government registered non profit organisation working in Pune. It works to provide education to all unfortunate children so they are able to live beautifully and independently. We are creating awareness about child abuse, child rights and child labour, expecting joining of thousands hands. SARA is a unique place where people from different backgrounds come together to be a part of action for change. We are determined to build a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

"I always felt of doing something for the kids I saw working when they should be studying and enjoying a normal childhood. Thus was born SARA Foundation on 1 April 2014. With time more likeminded youth joined me in making this dream a reality through their united efforts, making the foundation a strong family of 30 members currently."

- Akib Shaikh (Founder President).


  • To provide education to underprivileged children.
  • To create awareness about child rights and child laws.
  • To protect children from abuse.
  • To guide orphans and street children to have a better future, admit them in school or hostel.
  • To prevent children from doing crime and bad habits.
  • To create awareness about laws of child labour and give information to government on finding any child labour case.
  • To organise health camps for children.
  • To empower the school and college drop outs to study further or work by giving information about the various vocational courses and helping them with the admission process.
  • To participate in different activities as volunteers such as distribution of requisite material to needy people, fundraising for cases of severe medical ailments and other issues.

Reason Why We Started?

"We are a country with the 2nd largest population.... A country which is home to many religions which claim to be the best in the world... Early human civilisations..... Best cultures and practices.... Kind hearted among rest of the world... Still many don't have access to two square meals in a day....the worst affected are the children in this section... What a shame...."

- Akib Shaikh (Founder President).

"Every child deserves to have a beautiful life and to realize and have that beauty, education is required. As we know and see around us, so many children have to face the harsh realities of life from a very young age. At an age when they should be running around playing, studying and lead a normal childhood, they are already working to support their family income. Have you noticed those innocent but working children on the street picking up the rag which on seeing we hold our nose and say yuck!!



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